Monday, January 29, 2007

Update on the girls

Just a quick update on the babies. Reagan and Riley are doing great they are growing and starting to do so much. Tummy time is non existent as soon as I put them on their tummies they roll right over. They absolutely love cartoons which is so funny because our other girls had no interest in TV until they were around 3 yrs old. Not Rae and Ri they will cock their little heads to watch...I must admit it is pretty cute. They love Dora and The Backyardigans. I am very anxious for them to start playing with their toys. Riley seems to be trying a little more than Reagan at reaching for them. They will hold a toy if I put it in their hand and then it goes straight to their Speaking of putting toys in their mouths today I notice Tinkerbell (our dog) licking one of the rattles...YUK~~ I told Josh we need to watch that...he thought it was kind of funny. At least I know now not to leave any toys on the floor if we aren't around.
Rae and Ri are getting very vocal. They squeal and talk all of the time. Reagan is more vocal then Riley. They like to hold hands when they are laying on the floor together-it's so cute. They are also starting to do the bouncing up and down on your lap thing to if you hold under their arms. I guess they are trying to work out those little legs, uh-oh mom and dad look out it won't be long until they are on the move.
As you can tell we are having a blast staying busy and loving every minute of it. Well except maybe in the middle of the night.
They are vastly approaching 5 months, I can't believe it!

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