Monday, January 1, 2007


It's hard to believe 2006 is over and we are on to another year. Time goes much faster the older we get, As fast as it went we sure did learn a lot can change in a year. You can have things planned out and not have any idea how different things will go. We made our resolutions, mine was to lose the rest of the baby weight and exercise more(in all my extra free time), Josh's was to try and eat healthier and work out/exercise. Makenna made one, this was her first year understanding what that meant. She is going to try to not fight with her sister Chloe as much and there was something else. I can't remember right now I'll have to ask her again and let you know later. I kinda nudged her with the not fighting one a little.(smile) We had a quiet New Year's Eve. We stay home and John, Laura, Darian, Sean, and Ashlyn came over and hung out. We ated dinner, played pool, and attempted to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2. We also exchanged gifts with the kids for Christmas. It was great spending time with them. Reagan and Riley are doing well battling colds again but they are really coming into their personalities and we are loving every minute of it. They just love to be talked to. They smile so big, I love it!! Hopefully we will get out this weekend or early next week and get their pictures taken. There is a new studio I have been wanting to try out. I will post some of the pics after we get them. Our babies will be 4 months old on January 10. That is also Grama Judy's birthday and Makenna will be 9 on January 29th. I cannot believe that!! I remember bringing her home from the hospital. It doesn't seem like it was 9 years ago. She is a great little girl, she really helps me out when daddy's at work with Reagan and Riley. Chloe is a great helper too, she is going to be 6 on March 8th. That's another Wow!! The scary thing is before we know it we will be saying the same about our babies. I wish they stayed small longer.

Happy New Years to all of you and may you all have a blessed year!!

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