Monday, January 1, 2007

This is for you partner!!

Most of you know that I sell Real Estate, it's been 2 years and I love it. This December was my one year anniversery with Jeff Wiles Realty undoubtably the best Real Estate company out there. I feel so blessed to work with these agents. I am part of a team. My partner Lauri and I have been listing together almost from the beginning of me transfering my license and working for Jeff. He is a great boss. We really have a great office!! We all work so well together and believe me it is not like that in most offices. I worked for a larger real estate company before that and there is truly no comparison. Currently Lauri and I have 27 listings. So if anyone is looking to buy call us, surely we have something that would fit what you are looking Seriously it's been great, again God had a plan and I am blessed. Here we are cheesing it up...this is for you partner!! You're the best!

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Jeannie Wallace said...

Rachel and Josh, Beautiful. Great. We loved this. Uncle Dan sent it to my lap top. Kiss the girls for us and tell them hi and we love them. Sorry we did't make it to Arkon this past summer. We had a church event that we didn't want to miss. We will be there this summer. Can't wait to see the kids. Love Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Dan