Friday, September 5, 2008

a life saving gift

A couple months ago i was reading one of my favorite blogs Quilao Triplets. Casey posted on her blog about how important it is to donate blood. She also mentioned her preemie triplet girls required multiple blood transfusions during their nicu stay. I was so touched by Casey's post that I decided that night I was going to donate. I am terrified of needles, the meer thought makes me want to throw up but how could I not share something that can change possibly save someone's life because I was afraid. Just this week our church hosted a blood drive, the salvation army came to the church gymnasium. The sign said "emergency" you see summer is the slowest time for donations. I knew in my heart this was the time to overcome my fears. Please don't get me wrong I was scared especially since I had never done this before. I dropped my girls off at gymnastics/cheer practice and decided to head on over to our church. I called my sil to ask what the protacol was for donating so I wasn't completely oblivious. When I walked in there were only a few people, I proceeded to sign in. I explained to the lady this was my first time and that I was extremely nervous which in a weird way helped. She gave me a first time donor sticker and off I went. Apparently, there is a quick test they do to make sure you can donate. I almost didn't make it and I was completely devasted I had gotten up the nerve and now could possibly be turned away. My iron level was questionable. They did another quick test and I came back right on the line...38 the absolute lowest you can be to donate. I did get to donate and once the needle was in it was a piece of cake. It didn't take long at all and it was so gratifying. It felt amazing knowing that I could help someone. I will donate again no doubt about it!


Casey's trio said...

Rachel you are awesome!!! I am so thankful that my little post on my little blog inspired you. AND you did make a difference to someone out there. It really is easy isn't it? I fail the initial finger prick test everytime and they have to spin my blood and them I pass.
You rock!

twin power mommy said...

That's really great that you overcame your fear and donated.

I try to do it often, but the last few times i donated, i ended up getting really sick with the flu (coincidence or weak immune system?)

My hubby is afraid, like you, but i have coaxed him to go in a few times.
When the girls were in the NICU, we donated a couple of times for their transfusions.

WAY TO GO! You did something good for someone and it didn't cost you much!