Monday, September 8, 2008

gotta watch those cats

ah, my chloe cracks me up! she is such a funny little girl even when she's not trying. i was sippin on my diet pepsi today and almost started to choke just thinking about the conversation she had with her grama rita yesterday. here it goes:

a little prelude if you will.
we are driving in the van, me, grama rita, chloe and the twins. josh was working and kenna stayed the night at a friends. grama rita had lost her cell phone and was using a replacement one that was quite old and tattered. grama rita was saying how she needed to see if her old cell phone (the one that was previously lost still worked) cuz the replacement one she could hardly hear out of. here's the convo:

chloe: grama you found your cell phone.

grama rita: yeah, Uncle Mike found it.

chloe: where did he find it?

grama rita: it was in their refrigerator in a bag.

chloe: hm, grama does Aunt Pokey and Uncle Mike have a cat?

(me and grama rita look at each other like huh? where'd that come from)

grama rita: no, why?

chloe: cuz you have to be careful cats do things like that. (just as serious as you can be)

grama rita: what put cell phones in refrigerators?

chloe: yep!

grama rita: my cat doesn't do that.

chloe: well cats do things like that. have you ever seen tom and jerry? if jerry can get chicken out of the refrigerator than cats can put cell phones in them.

silly chloe this one i will remember. so, if you have a cat be careful and if you lose your cell phone you may wanna check the refrigerator.


Grin and Barrett said...

too funny!!

Casey's trio said...

Ha-Ha! Thank Chloe for this helpful advice:)

twin power mommy said...

That's too funny!
I love the things my kids say. I try to write them down so i won't ever forget them.

There are certainly some doozies!