Saturday, September 6, 2008

does this bed make my butt look big???

Silly Ri Ri that's a baby doll bed!

Rae Rae thought it was pretty funny she wanted to give it a try too!

Good thing I have two big girls...we have lots of doubles around here. This is particularly handy when you have almost 2 year old twins who are not real into the whole sharing thing. ;0)


Adam and Andrew said...

Too cute!!

☆ Loren ☆ said...

That is precious! Your very own baby dolls!

twin power mommy said...

That's super sweet. I bet they thought they were sooo funny!

Brings a smile to my face remembering how cute my girls would be when they were that age.

Casey's trio said...

Too funny! I love how they try to get into the smallest of girls still try to climb into their baby swing when they see it in the garage!

Sugar Mommy said...

so cute! We have a baby bed almost exactly like that and the triplets LOVE to get in it!