Monday, December 1, 2008


Thanksgiving...what a great day. We missed some of our family that couldn't be there and no doubt it would have been a better day had they been but it truly was a blessing to be around so much family. My parents live in Florida so we don't usually see them during the holidays. Good thing my honey has such a big family. This year we use the gym at our church becuz seriously with 100+ people having Thanksgiving together it really doesn't matter how big your house ain't big enough. There was soooo much food and more importantly so many desserts! ;)

2 tables of desserts with some duplicates in the frig...did i mention there is a best dessert contest??? did i mention i won 3rd place and didn't even officially make anything...i'm just that good! ha! any ideas how i won and didn't even make anything??? anyone??? hmmm???

if you look real close the cake in the aluminum foil pan is shaped like a turkey. how cool is that!

my mother in law is one of 17 children...yes you read that right...17!!! here are a few of the bunch. oh yeah and no twins...imagine that!

Santa comes to our family Thanksgiving every year. Look who couldn't wait for him to come!
They line up around here...don't have to tell them twice. :)
do you see why i don't even bother takin' my kids to the mall to have their picture taken with Santa...i took several, look at Santa's face and THIS is the best one I got.

now she wants to smile...Riley what a little turkey!

i think this is Rae and Abby...she kept saying, "I wanna see Abby."
so cute.... no doubt they were discussing their Disney vacation plans for March.

Rae smiles for way!

Santa brought the twins Dora coloring books and crayons...their favorite! now if he woulda just brought our dehumidifier from our basement they would have had there favorite thing to color on. :)

everyone opening their gifts

Chloe and Riley..."hey, who gave Riley a sucker???"

the next day we skipped Black Friday and headed to the movies to see Bolt...what a great movie! this was Reagan and Riley's first movie so of course I had to get a picture. i really didn't mean to blind the guy sitting next to them with my flash 2 minutes before the movie started...oops! we had a group of about 30 with us for the movie and then we headed to McDonald's. they never saw us coming!

best pictures i could get from my seat (right next to them) i didn't want to get too close to the blind guy he may have hurt me! i did say i was sorry like 10 times and actually he was very nice.

then it was off to Amazone where they had a great play area and laser tag! can you believe my husband the one i love shot me 9 times!!! uh huh...he said he didn't know it was me. have i mentioned we've been married 14 1/2 years!!! he won first place and we had 25 people just in our group. i think the policeman had an unfair advantage!
thank you so much aunt Rhonda you did it again!


☆ Loren ☆ said...

What loads of fun! The girls looked beautiful in all the pictures, even without smiles! ;)

Jules said...

Mmmmm...that dessert table looks amazing!!!

What a fun celebration that would be with all the family.

Thanksgiving isn't as big here in Canada as it is in the States. Don't get me wrong - we have turkey and celebrate but it's more low key. Guess we save up for Christmas! lol

Grin and Barrett said...

Rachel, it looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sorry you didn't get to see your mom and dad. But soon :)

Have a great day!


Kari said...

Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving weekend!! Cute pictures!!

Triplet Mama said...

I can't figure out how you placed in the contest?!! Please tell! :)

Rachel said...

Hey Rach,

Hope you guys are doing well.. I gave you a blog award!!

twin power mommy said... need to put some new pics up of your house, Christmas decor...etc....
time to get on it, girl! ;0)