Friday, December 14, 2007

Reagan and Riley updates...

15 months old already, I can hardly believe it! The babies get more and more sweet everyday. We have new words...aside from mama, dada, and hi. They are saying thank you and Tinkerbell. Yes, they really say Tinkerbell it's adorable and they know who she is. They also say lots of babbly words. Yep, they are trying to carry on conversations they are probably going to be talkative like Josh ;0). Both the babies can point out their nose as well as everyone's around them. The other day Reagan was helping out with laundry (gotta start 'em early :0). She would hand me a towel to fold and when I was done with that one she would hand me another. Not just one or two the entire load...yay Rae! Now if I could just teach her to fold...hehe. Ahhh... and their new lovey's. Their blankies, they love them. They walk around carrying them all of time. When we get them up from their naps they make sure they bring their blankies out with them. It's adorable and I love every minute of it. Teeth...lots and lots of teeth. Eight each with each of them getting 4 molars currently. Actually, I checked ever so carefully yesterday and Riley had a top one broke through. Just a little but it was definitely there. Reagan also likes to pick up absolutely anything she sees on the floor no matter how small it is and hand it to me. She may be a clean freak, in a house of 6 I could use one of those. They are walking everywhere well starting to run and have "redecorated" our Christmas trees several times. Does anyone know if you can get sick from eating year old strung popcorn?? :0)

P.S. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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