Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't pee on Elmo

Yay...I am happy to say we are potty trained 99%!! I really was a lot easier than i thought it would be. I just had to realize they would do it in their own time. Fortunately it was simultaneously. We went and bought all kinds of fun undies. Rae and Ri love Elmo so who better to start out with. We also bought some princess panties in honor of our recent trip to Disney. The only negative to the whole potty training thing is their tooshies are so tiny with no diaper we can hardly keep their pants up. I have been a bad blogger I know and I promise I'll try to get better. Oh yeah the title...that's what we say when we put their panties on and they respond with "i no pee pee on, no." Ah, my babies are growing up.

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